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At Cemondia we aim to remove cultural barriers, and help create an environment where talented people from different perspectives and backgrounds create value through China business ventures.

Established in 2009, Cemondia inc. is an investment company and a full-service China Market-Entry platform. Cemondia has a subsidiary based in Shanghai, Saimen (上海赛门商务咨询有限公司) which serves as a service provider for our own investment projects or for customers needing expert support for Mainland China Market Entry.


We specialize in China push-pull investment projects, where we work as a partner with your company to bring you both China market expertise to “pull” your product or service into China, while “pushing” resources and financing into the venture to ensure the success of your Chinese market entry.


Cemondia’s wholly owned Chinese subsidiary Saimen offers the following services from our modern offices downtown Shanghai and our Shanghai warehouse.
  • Trading and subcontract manufacturing (see Import-Export license)
  • Auditing and investigative services
  • Warehousing and product assembly
  • Office rental including providing WFOE addresses (see Business registration info)

For more information on Saimen (上海赛门商务咨询有限公司), please visit


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September 2015
Conferences with EDC
Starting from September 21st in Montreal, Carl Breau, along with Denis L’Heureux from EDC, will be giving a number of conference across Canada on “How to get Paid when Selling to Chinese Companies”
August 2015
Saimen welcomes Jiapei Xue
Saimen is proud to welcome Jiapei Xue as our new Branding and Marketing Manager in Shanghai. Jiapei brings over 6 years of direct experience in China Market Entry distribution and marketing.
June 2015
Cemondia CEO MC at Canada celebrations
Our CEO Carl Breau will be the English-French-Chinese Master of Ceremony at the Canada Day celebrations in Shanghai!
November 2014
Cemondia part of Quebec Premier China Delegation
We are proud to be part of the Official Quebec business delegation accompanying Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard to China from October 24th 2014 to November 1st. The delegation will be visiting Shanghai, Jinan, Qingdao and Beijing.
May 2014
Cemondia signs agreement with NVS Associates
Cemondia signs agreement with NVS Associates for marketing strategy and sales support in China. Matrizelementar Lda, who owns the NVS Associates brand, is a Portuguese company specializing in the sale of high-end real estate and also provides services to high net-worth individuals seeking immigration to Portugal.
March 2014
Dahua goes through a facelift!
Saimen LLC, a Cemondia company, reaches an agreement with Shanghai Dahua brazing materials Co. for the elaboration of their export marketing strategy and will also manage their export sales. Established over 25 years ago, Dahua is a leader in high performance brazing materials, serving manufacturers in all areas from appliances to aerospace.
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